Rockwell Axle Specifications:

Gear Ratio 6.72:1
Ring Gear Diameter 10.25
Ring Gear Bolts 8
Pinion Support Yes
Pinion Adjustment Shims
Pinion Flange 1480 U-Joint
Axle Spline Count 16
Axle Shaft Diameter 1.56" / 1.62"
Axle Shaft Type Full Float
Carrier Type Drop Out / Top Loading
Hub Bolt Pattern 6 x 8.75"

Rockwell Axle Dimensions and Weights:

Front WMS to WMS (Standard) 79.5"
Front WMS to WMS (Flipped Hubs) 69.5
Rear WMS to WMS (Standard) 69.5
Rear WMS to WMS (Flipped Hubs) 79.5"
Front Axle Weight (with Brakes) 840 lbs.
Front Axle Weight (w/o Brakes) 690 lbs.
Rear Axle Weight (with Brakes) 690 lbs.
Rear Axle Weight (w/o Brakes) 530 lbs.
Center Chunck Weight 215 lbs.
Center Chunck Height (Above Tubes) 9.5"

Rockwell Axle Shaft Styles:

U-Joint Axle Shafts 3,600 lb. Static Load (Est.)
Convel Joint Shafts 4,300 lb. Static Load (Est.)
Rezepa Joint Shafts 3,200 lb. Static Load (Est.)

The above listed specifications are correct to the best of our knowledge, however, we cannot guarantee their accuracy.